Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ways to Dye Eggs

      For Easter, there are a lot of ways to dye your eggs.  Some of my favorite ways to dye my eggs are to use the kits, or even let the chickens do the work themselves!

                                             First Way 

     The first way to dye them, by using the kits is really easy.  All you have to do is go to your nearest Walmart or something and buy one of those little Paas Easter egg decorator. They have these little food coloring tablets that you put in warm water.  

The kit also includes: a little egg holder, stickers, 
                                    and clear wax crayons.

      To use the wax crayon, you let your child draw on it for whatever design that makes their little heart happy.  Then you dip the egg in the little food coloring mugs with the water.  

Food Coloring Dyes

                                             Second Way

    If you have chickens they usually lay known to lay brown and white eggs.  That is probably the only colors that you know of that chickens could lay.  Is that true?  No, in fact if you raise  Ameraucanas they lay blue eggs!  Copper Marans lay a brown speckled.  Salmon Faverolles lay pink eggs as well!

Dyed by Chickens